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Episode 42: A Powerful Position

I have assembled some photography and random words for your entertainment pleasure. Please to be clicking on the hypertextually linked graphic above to get whisked away to a pleasure-dome of humour and jocularity and whatnot and such as.

Um, yeah, so it’s been a weird day. I got up early and walked the dog in the -13 degree icy fog, got ready, left the house, and got to work early, which never happens, and have been feeling un-naturally good. I’m not complaining, it’s just odd, and it makes me a little odd. But you kids love that about me. Pork Chop Sandwiches!

Alright, I have expensive parts to order and customers to ensadden when I tell them the prices of said parts, and then I have a work trip to book for next week, so I need to get to it. Fridays are always busy, so I may have to leave work early to compensate for actually having to work today.

-Oh, and if it’s warmer than freezing and free of snow wherever you are, I hate you.


Episode 41: Monsters in Your Head

Alright, the comic returns!

It should’ve been posted earlier, but I had a wicked gut-ache from all the overeating I’ve done on my birthday weekend, and could hardly focus on anything. But that’s another story.

I know I said I wanted to do a whole week-long marathon dealie when I started the comic back up, but I think instead I’ll take advantage of being a couple comics ahead and try to stick with a Monday and Friday schedule instead.

-I’m going to go mainline some pepto bismol into my abdomen now. So glad I took today off too. Gurgle.


Episode 39: See you next fall.

After a hell of a long time away, it’s back! And with a horribly punny title, but what else would you expect?

The sad thing is, I shot the pics for this one back in march, but I just lost whatever drive I had to update, and that combined with a very busy summer made it easy to neglect the whole thing for a while.

Also, I had planned episode 40 to basicaly be the end of this part of the story arc, and last ‘season’, so after the next comic update, there may be a bit of a break while I sort out the next part of the story, but I plan to make it up with another week-long marathon ‘season premier’ week.

Enjoy the comic, and the new look, and whatever other goodies I have in place by the time you read this!

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