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Derailed By The Shoulder of Doom.

So I finally updated misplaced on Friday, which felt really good. I also managed to redesign the whole comic portion of the site, with some extras and some brief cast profiles. It’s really looking cleaned up and simplified, which is completely what I was going for. Hooray for me.

Now I had lofty goals for the weekend, to get more of the rest of the site falling in line with the comic pages, design-wise, and get another episode ready for Monday (tomorrow). Unfortunately, after bathing, brushing, trimming and tooth-brushing the dog this morning, my left shoulder, which has been intermittently fucked for a few years now, decided to flare up, making me pretty much useless.

Well, more useless than normal.

So far, I’ve used this super-menthol power muscle rub, ice packs, heat packs, a massager, and codeine, and all it’s made me is stoned, smelly, beat-up, and still in pain. I think the only real solution left for me is to sharpen an ice cream scoop and go to town with it on my scapula and whatever evil lurks beneath.

In happier news, as of Thursday, we’ll have all new kitchen appliances, and we’re very much looking forward to that. About 2 years ago, our dishwasher started making sounds like a garbage disposal with half a toddler jammed in it, and when I investigated, it looked like pieces of the pump had become damaged and bound up in the pump itself. Thought about having someone take a look at it, but for what it would cost to have a guy come out, inspect, come back again with parts and repair the thing, we figured we might as well just get something new.

As for the fridge, about two months ago it started to make a loud noise every time the compressor turned off, and that noise has turned into something similar to a semi-truck gearing down. And the stove we have has a timer that doesn’t work (in fact it took some creative jiggling of the thing to keep it from going off at random) and neither the burners nor the oven are consistent. We have to use thermometers inside the oven, because when it’s set to something like 300 degrees, it will magically heat up to over 600, and other times 250. This can make baking a less than successful ordeal.

Again, maybe repairable, but we found a great deal on all three new, better brand name appliances, with warranties, delivery, removal of the old ones, installation included, and from a very reliable place we’ve dealt with before.

Long story short, as of Thursday, no more hand washing dishes! Magical!

The codeine is making it more difficult to remain conscious, so off I go. Tomorrow I’ll have to tell the story about the magic vampire…

Oh, and I know the design of this blog sucks right now, but as soon as I get the feel for editing wordpress, it should become more my style.

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