God is Off the Grid

It’s been kind of a fucked-up time lately, so allow me to briefly sum up some of the crap that’s been going on…

It’s been raining a lot lately: Yeah. At least it’s not snow. I actually don’t mind the rain. It’s keeping my crop of dandelions in the backyard nice and healthy, and the grass growing between them is getting so tall that Kyuss is getting afraid to walk through it. Granted, he is a little pussy of a dog, but still…

Work is crazy: The past few months have been incredibly busy at the day-job. Last week I was on the road every day, and two days this week I will be as well. Add to that a gluten-poisoning experience right before a flight home last Thursday, and I am one fried chicken, colonel.
The Wife lost her job: Yeah. The official story is that the new owners of the business she worked at ‘couldn’t afford to pay her anymore’, but I suspect there was something sketchy about the way they went about it. Fortunately, she is handling the situation well, and we’re working on some plans, but it’s still a pretty serious bummer, as she was really enjoying the job while it lasted.

I got my Crow!: Finally! Many many thanks to JoeCrow for his excellent workmanship, and all the friends and family who helped chip in with birthday and xmas moneys, two weeks ago a large box with a large golden Crow T Robot showed up at my office. I’ve been meaning to take some pics of him and me riffing a movie, or of him terrorizing my dog (Kyuss really freaks out when I make Crow’s eyes follow him) I just haven’t got around to it yet. My feeble attempts to work the puppetry controls on him have given me even more respect for Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett.

There are they now: When TechTV became available in Canada, we subscribed to it, and it was one of the most watched channels in our house. Unscrewed with Martin Sargent and The Screen Savers were favourite shows, among others. When G4 assimilated TechTV, however, a lot of the great personalities were booted or left. Recently, I’ve discovered where most of those people are hanging out, making netcasts and internet TV awesomeness: Revision3 and TWiT, and since learning about this, I’ve been spending a little too much time in the respective archives. It’s been geek-tastic.

I has a plan: Every once in a while, I get a delusional idea in my head that I can actually accomplish all of the little projects that have popped into or out of my head in recent years. Well, last week, I sat down and wrote out somewhat of an action plan that may help me achieve some of my lofty creative personal goals. If my plan works, I will share it with you guys, but basically, if I can stick to the plan, I will be producing two webcomics, a podcast, a novel, an album, and a daily blog featuring a photo I’ve taken. This is sort of day one of that plan. Wish me luck, or motivation, or anti-fail, whatever you can.

Quote of the day: “I am a fail-pizza with extra fail-sauce. Hold the winchovies”

3 Responses to “Super-Gloom”

  • heidiland says:

    You have blogged! I have commented! Huzzah!

    Rain… Ick. How can Kyuss possibly pull your sled to work? I keed… I keed. Rain is yucky.

    Work… That sucks about Madame Ladysic’s jorb. I’m sorry to hear it, and hope stuff is okay.

    Crow… Oh the GLORIOUS nerdage! Congrats!

    Plans… Good LARD Jebus Aphrodite! That’s a lot of creative juice you’ve got going there. It’ll be cool to see what you do with it. (Looks at own plans for novels and failed podcast and hangs head in shame)

  • C.R. says:

    The podcast is done for already, Heidi? That’s a bummer. You should just consider it ‘on hiatus’ indefinitely. Like I do with my comic after nearly every installment.

    Besides, you’ve known me long enough to know that the loftiness of my goals are typically outshined only by my inability to see them through, so don’t go being all shamed and envious any time soon!

  • Lady Visine says:

    Dude – super congrats on the arrival of Crow! THAT is soo cool. I’m truly thrilled for you. [thinks of you & your Crow every time I watch a MST3K dvd :)] *does a silly happy dance* Hey, wait a minute… he’s a puppet? All these years, I thought he was real. *sighs*

    Sucks about the wife losing her job, but maybe that door closing is just what she needs for another to open for her. I’ll keep my positive thoughts & prayers going for her to find something better.

    As for the rain, you’ll rarely find a farmer who gripes about it too much, especially if there’s a history of droughts. Perhaps you can “channel” your creative muse to work overtime on the rainy days? 😉

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